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===Steam Central news of June 20, 2010:
C&O 614 to return to service in 2012? Posted by John Craft on June 20, 2010
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local and national press outlets are reporting that Jim Justice, owner of The Greenbrier Resort, is investing in a luxury train to bring passengers to the resort:
The owner of The Greenbrier says the resort is investing $15 million in a luxury train that should be operating in 12 to 14 months.
Jim Justice says the Greenbrier Express will feature.....
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===From TrainOrders.Com
Steam & Excursion > Greenbrier Express/614 is a GO!!!!! Pages:  [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ][ Next ] Current Page:1 of 4 Date: 06/20/10 02:01
Greenbrier Express/614 is a GO!!!!!
Dear Friends,
I am pleased to report that the GBX is a "GO" project. Please see the thread below....Greenbrier Express-614 for my detailed posting.
Thanks, Ross Rowland, President & CEO
Greenbrier Express Company, Inc.

===Also from TrainOrders.Com
Passenger Trains > Greenbrier train
  Date: 07/13/10 13:56
Greenbrier train
*From Trains.com...* Diesel-powered trips to Greenbrier Resort planned
*By Jim Wrinn, editor*
Published: Friday, July 09, 2010

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — The company that wants to build and operate a luxury train to the famed Greenbrier Resort will open a restoration shop in Pottstown, Pa., Aug. 1 and expects to renovate the 16-car consist with a July 2, 2012, target date for the first run. But, says Greenbrier Express Co. President and CEO Ross Rowland, don't expect to see steam on the point of the luxury special.
"At the moment, steam has no role," Rowland said in an exclusive interview with TRAINS, citing CSX's longstanding policy against operating steam locomotives on its rails. The Greenbrier Express would run on CSX tracks for most of its planned route between Washington, D.C., and White Sulphur Springs, W.Va.
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===Saturday, January 22, 2011 Steam engine enthusiasts gushing - The Chesapeake and Ohio 614 has rolled in at the Virginia Museum of Transportation. By Kevin Kittredge

The Scoop from the CEO

From TrainOrders.Com
Date: 06/20/10 01:57
Re: Update on the Greenbrier Express with 614
Dear Friends,

Here's what I'm at liberty to share with you at this early stage.

The Greenbrier Express project is real and the check has cleared the bank, therefore it is no longer a " concept" but rather a solid project.

The GBX will be a 17 car long, ultra first class day train that will bring 210 guests from Washington DC to the Greenbrier resort in White Sulphur Springs,W.Va. It will operate the same route as the Cardinal, departing Wash.,DC on Tuesdays at 10:00 am arriving at WSS at 5pm. Upon arrival the train will be met by a bevy of 10 horse drawn carriages which will carry the guests to the front entrance of the hotel. Roundtrip fare will be $ 750. No childs fare. A world class brunch will be served in each direction.

The GBX will return to Washington on Sundays, departing WSS at 10:00 am arriving DC at 5 pm.

In addition to the 7 parlor cars there will be 2 dining room cars, one all kitchen car, an open platform, brass railed tavern-lounge observation car and other specialty cars.

Motive power will be a mix of modern diesels and classic mainline steam locomotives. On the steam powered portions of the journey there will be NO diesels in the train with HEP supplied by 2 baggage/generator cars. No kissing your sister here!!!!

The cars for the train will be refurbished at Pottstown,Pa.

Service is scheduled to commence on July 2,2012.

The GBX's by-line will be " World's Finest Train" and we will spare no effort to earn that.

Further details will be forthcoming in the weeks/months ahead!

Thanks, Ross Rowland,President&CEO
Greenbrier Express Company,Inc.