C&O Alleghany for Railworks
C&O Alleghany (beta4) for Railworks - Created by Tori Morgan 5/20/2011


The C&O Alleghany is built for Railworks/Railworks 2 using only Railworks game default and freely available user-created content from around the world.  To do this, visual accuracies of the Alleghany [Sub]Division were sacrificed but all functions and facilities of interest are represented in a similar style, size and appearance.  While compatibility and performance are always in mind, that was not my priority.  Slower or older computers might not run this route well particularly around highly detailed areas.  It also may not suit those who don't like large downloads.  The download is large but this is the best way to distribute this extensively scenic package and ensure it works well for everyone.

Installation requires around 1.6 GB of free hard drive space.  This does NOT include the space needed by the required add-ons listed below.

FIXED:  the red glowing landscape problem has been resolved; you no longer need to set Terrain Texture Quality to High.  However, you will see a rare tiny spot or two glowing blue/purple due to another bad texture I have yet to repair.

For the most realism, Procedural Flora should be set On and Water Quality should be set to High.  I promise flowers in the fields, no grass in the tracks that does not belong there and [almost] no "flashing" water.

The BLC RR has very tight turns and steep grades so many locomotives and cars will NOT run on it without derailing.  This track, quite typical of a turn of the 20th century WV logging railroad, was designed and tested using the Shay Class B locomotive available from Richard Cowen, maker of Britkits at
http://www.dickyjim.com/index.html.  The Railworks game default 7F engine will work on most of the BLC track but will occasionally derail.

The Greenbrier subdivision IS signaled, using Pike's C&O signal scripts in an APB design, but the signals are hidden underground.  In an effort to build a somewhat realistic scene of 1919 as you travel north of Caldwell, I am holding out for some US Semaphore signals in the future.  However, I put the signals and markers in place so that players could write scenarios with AI traffic to interact with. 

The BLC logging railroad is also signaled in the same hidden way (but is not APB).  AI programming should be possible on those tracks, but has not been tested.  Except for the BLC, there is very little new scenery in this release.  My work on beta 4 has been all about signals and markers to make it fully operational for AI traffic scenarios.  Next version, I'll have more of the bare areas filled with scenery.



=== The asset pak for this route is all inclusive except for the following addons which you must download and install yourself: 

 === 3DTrains
 - RS Rural Landscapes   Freeware download at
 - RS ScaleRoad    Freeware download at http://www.3dtrains.com/products/rs1/scaleroad.shtml
 - RW Scalerail Basic  Freeware download at http://www.3dtrains.com/products/rs1/scalerail.shtml (see note below)
 - RW SP Scalerail  Freeware download at
http://www.3dtrains.com/products/rs1/atsf_sp_scalerail.shtml (see note below)

 * PLEASE NOTE: The freeware versions of some Scalerail Tracks used in this route are customized and will NOT upgrade to the payware high resolution textures even if you own them.

 === Also check your RW Package Manager screen to be sure the following FREE RSDL/RSC packages are listed/installed:
 - Modeller Asset Pack01  Free download from RailSimulator.Com DLC at Steam (click Shopping Cart on your RW launcher window)

Around the new Bauer Lumber Company logging railroad some scenery assets from the Isle of Wright payware addon route from RSC Steam store were used sparingly but the route will operate fine without them.  If you own that product then you will see some extra scenery, but the difference is insignificant.  If you do not own the IOW, these items will show up as missing assets in an RWTools "Check Route" report; you can ignore, replace or delete them.  You might also see some little "milk bottles" in the area.  The area is extensively scenic even without owning the IOW route.



UNINSTALL ALL 4 COA Beta 3 paks using Railworks Package Manager (RPM).
2.  Download and install three COA Beta 4 paks using RPM:

(Note: the bandwidth is free but limited; if your download seems too slow, try back at a less busy time)

=== The files you download were successfully installed to a fresh clean installation of the current version of Railworks/Steam that had no other additions or modifications.  Therefore, if it doesn't work on your pc, the problem is most likely on your pc.  Since I cannot support all pc's and operating systems, the best source of support is the community forums at http://www.trainsim.com and http://www.railworksamerica.com.  I read and post regularly in the RWA forums and will be happy to answer the questions that I can.  I also encourage feedback and suggestions; there is a running thread at RWA to discuss questions and get support.  If you have a problem specific to this web site, the download files or copyright restrictions, please email me at [email protected].



scenarios in the Free Roam list take you to the various towns along the route where you can create your own trains.



This route is being shared with the Railworks user community as freeware.  This means I retain creative rights over the presented and any modified versions of the route design.  You can share the ROUTE FILE package but you can NOT share/redistribute the asset packages because they contain the protected works of other people.  REPEAT: DO NOT redistribute the assets without contacting the artists who made them.  If you wish to redistribute a modified version of the ROUTE FILES (found in your "Content" folder), please contact me for a review of technical aspects and approval.

Some included assets are repainted versions of game default models supplied by RailSimulator.com.  Rights to those models are retained by RailSimulator.com.  Those repainted scenery items (NOT rolling stock or locomotive repaints) CAN be redistributed without asking me.  The repaint work on the rolling assets belongs to other artists; you must contact them for permission to re-distribute their repaint products.

Redistribution permissions and copyright information have been collected and retained by the route author for the freeware assets included in the asset package distribution where available.  Please contact
[email protected] with questions or concerns about any protected works.

For SPECIFIC included assets modeled by Peter Bauer (including the Coal Tipple, mileposts, signal bridges, and any item denoted "pb" or "pcb") here are specific rules for redistribution:

 1. These products/assets are free for your personal use in the C&O Alleghany route and any other routes you create for your own use on your personal computer.
 2. You CAN redistribute these assets with a route that you create and distribute for free, but please do NOT post them in miscellaneous asset packages.  This rule helps the community all stay on the same product version.  It is always best to discuss your desires with the author before sharing freeware products.
 3. You cannot profit from these products!
 4. Repaints and derivatives of these assets must be approved by Peter Bauer (
[email protected]) before distribution.  Under no circumstances can any repaints or derivatives be distributed using the same names as the original asset as seen in the World Editor because doing so removes the original asset from use for all players of Railworks.



The C&O Alleghany for Railworks would not exist without the generous contributions of many creative artists in our train simulator user community. As important as the models is the "know-how" shared by so many in our community!  I want to acknowledge and thank the following artists, modelers, techies, and friends:

Special thanks go to Pete Bauer for modeling many structures, mileposts, my house, and the wonderful replica of the Coal Tipple for my hometown (Hey Pete, I just remembered something... you only volunteered to build the tipple!) AND for ALL the work to create the Bauer Lumber Company logging railroad (Yes, HE did ALL of that, NOT me!!).  Without Pete, this version would look nearly the same as the last.

Special thanks to beta testers Josh Norris, Pete Bauer, Gordon Walker, Trevor Henderson, and TJ (Chessie8638) who accomplished in 2 days what would have taken me 2 more weeks!

Special thanks to everyone who has made C&O, Chessie, and CSX rolling stock so I feel at home on my route now!

Also, an extra "Cheers" to Derek Siddle for "helping" me fix the forest terrain texture (maybe I'll get it right next time, Derek, lol), and Marc at 3DTrains for the free U.S. track, roads, foliage, and for allowing me to clone and modify some of his work.

 - Michael Stephan for better views and weather, structures, track, buildings and rolling stock and more and more and .......
 - Pikehkr for the custom C&O signal scripting and your patience with my troubles.
 - Big Peter, Trevor Burt (aka Fender), and NZTS Workshops for buildings, trucks and lumber (
 - Brendan
 - Bob Artim -
 - "Bullets" of TrainSim.com
 - Chaddock Engineering
 - Decapod
 - Geoff Potter
 - Hef
 - Iceman
 - JAD's
 - James Friedland
 - James (for the concrete whistle post)
 - Jessie James
 - John Lippai
 - Krellnut
 - LucaCanna
 - MCS
 - MG
 - Michael Zimmer
 - Mike Simpson for RWTools
 - Mundo
 - newS
 - Niall Wallace
 - Nirwana
 - Paint Shed
 - Pere
 - Pocahontas
 - "qrfan3" from Railworks America
 - James in WV @Railworkz
 - Jerry at SMMDigital
 - railx
 - Rick Grout of G-trax
 - Richard (Dick) Ham
 - RSDerek
 - RSItalia
 - SAD (an amazing artist)
 - Scailman
 - Tom Moyers
 - Wilburton

and anyone else I am forgetting at this moment!  If I have forgotten anyone, it's only because so many people have been so very generous in helping make this project what it is today.


"Sleep like a kitten" on the C&O Railroad........ no... DON'T........ you're driving the train!


=== OPTIONAL ADD-ON  WARNING: This file modifies an original Railworks file and will alter the sound of ALL TRACKS in ALL ROUTES that use the BT_Ballast track sounds.  Also, this addon will need to be re-installed each time a new Railworks update is downloaded or when the Verify Cache function is used to check your Railworks installation.  It overwrites the default Railworks BT_Ballast audio sound file to change the track sound from the old jointed-rail clakkity-clak sound to the modern smooth continous rail ("ribbon-rail") sound.  The clak-clak jointed-rail sounds can still be heard every 500 meters, from junctions and certain other rail connections.  I find it more realistic (and oh so peaceful on long hauls).  This Modd was made by Krellnut (on TrainSim.com) and the rights to this work is his.

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